The band, in all their glory.

Rammstein is a German band formed in 1994. Although they sing almost exclusively in German, they have been accepted all over the word as the Utter Win, and are one of the best bands to walk this earth. They have released five studio albums. They are well known for their live shows, which involve fire, crowd surfing in boats, fire, exploding microphones and drumsticks, fire, sodomy, fire and yet more fire. They have been rumoured to be Nazis [1] but this is not true and just a silly rumour. Their song "Links 234" was made to prove they aren't facists. Said guitarist, Richard Z. Kruspe, "If you want to put us in a political category, we're on the left side, and that's the reason we made the song."

To sum up, Rammstein are an awesome band. So awesome, in fact, that if you are an evil fascist or just not cool enough to be able to listen to their music, your brain will implode upon hearing them.

Members Edit

Till Lindemann - vocals

Richard Z. Kruspe - lead guitar

Paul Landers - rhythm guitar

Chrisoph "Doom" Schnieder - drums

Oliver Riedel - bass guitar

Christian "Flake" Lorenz - keyboards

Albums Edit

Herzeleid (1995)

Sehnsucht (1997)

Mutter (2001)

Reise, Reise (2004)

Rosenrot (2005)

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