According to Fundy Christians, this does not exist. Fundy Christians are not helpful to women with inconsiderate husbands. Some like Phyllis Schlafly think a husband can rape his wife any time he wants to. Many women only find out what inconsiderate things their husbands want after marriage. If nasty things are forced onto a wife Schlafly still says that is not rape. Either people like Schlafly have not studied what is said about the harm caused by rape in marriage or they consider such opinions unimportant. The following is from a website counselling abuse victims.


“Marital rape is so destructive because it betrays the fundamental basis of the marital relationship, because it questions every understanding you have not only of your partner and the marriage, but of yourself. You end up feeling betrayed, humiliated and, above all, very confused." [1]

Girls don’t know what they consent toEdit

If girls do what fundy Christianity says they should they wear purity rings before they marry. If they don’t wear a purity ring they should still act the way fundy Christians think is pure. And they often marry early. They consent to marriage knowing little more than the biological facts. Later they find out what they’ve consented to. Nice Christians do very little before marriage. If the couple are incompatible they find out after they have consented to marriage.

Incompatibility and womenEdit

When a couple marry without knowing what the other is like in bed this is a problem for both. Couples may be incompatible because they like different things. They may be incompatible because one likes it more often than the other. Sometimes a couple are compatible at the time of marriage but change over time. Among fundy Christians it is a bigger problem for the wife because she is expected to be obedient while he can have the sex he wants whenever he wants it. Then role models like frightful Phyllis make things worse.


Fundy Christians believe that divorce is wrong. Despite that the divorce rate among Fundy Christians is high. All too often things go pear shaped and they can't bear to stay together despite religious teachings. Marital rape is only a small part of this probably.

Divorce rates among conservative Christians were significantly higher than for other faith groups, and much higher than Atheists and Agnostics experience.[2]


All too frequently Christians endure misery which shouldn’t happen, sometimes for a lifetime. They put up with things hoping for a heavenly reward after death or they fear greater misery in Hell. Then Christians hope their religion makes them happy.


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