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Liberapedia is a wiki that was created in response to Conservapedia -- kind of like RationalWiki, but with less goat and a smaller editing team, but it's a very pretty Wiki. Liberapedia has a brutal article on on Conservapedia.

History Edit

The founder (known only as "WillH") wanted Liberapedia to parody Conservapedia. As Conservapedia's humour is based on the idea of taking conservative principles and stretching them completely out of shape, WillH advised Liberapedia's editors to: "take stereotypical liberal views and distort them to the extreme."

After a bad spam attack in May 2008, WillH left and never came back and the remaining users decided to pack up what remained and move the site to Wikia, which allowed them to take on the administrative duties previously performed by WillH. For several months, the old and new Liberapedias co-existed (the former as an archive), creating some confusion (especially when Google listed the old one above the new one).[1] The website eventually became one of the Wikisphere's many dead wikis, until our own red dwarf star took it over. The website is currently (2015) maintained by Proxima, who is the wiki's most active user. [2]

Content Edit

There is of course also plenty of complete nonsense in Liberapedia, but this is normally shown with a template stating that the content is nonsense. This is in contrast to Conservapedia which publishes nonsense without any warning for readers.

Under Proxima's reign, Liberapedia has moved away from a purely satirical mission to one that attempts to blend humour with education, also the debunking of religion and pseudoscience. The wiki does not have a mission statement or any thorough Community guidelines. As a result, its 3,299 articles are a little random and indiscriminate at times. There are factual articles of varying length including a few very short Conservapedia-style stubby dictionary definitions. We hope editors will lengthen the very short articles.

Liberapedia targets younger readers as well as typical RationalWiki readers. [3] Wikia has a large number of gaming and similar wikis that kids use and one aim of Liberapedia is to reach those youngsters; the wiki's principal administrator knows hopes some teens who read and edit Liberapedia now will become educated adults in influential positions in later years.

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The RationalWikiWiki Logo

On the other hand, Liberapedia does have a very good spoof of the RationalWiki logo - which may even be better than the original. This logo was "borrowed" by the now defunct RationalWikiWiki and never given back.[4] Then some asshole started a failed attempt to restart RationalWikiWiki, and he decided to steal it as well.

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  3. i.e. Stunningly attractive people who are sexually active, earn good incomes and have impeccable hygiene.
  4. Note, under the GFDL, which Liberapedia uses and RationalWikiWiki used, content may be re-used for derivative works. There is no restriction or other requirements listed at Liberapedia for this image, although that might be due to their host transfer process.

Adapted from the RationalWiki article on Liberapedia, now deleted.