FANDOM is a hip-hop music web-site that contains illusonary opposite things, such as hip-hop culture and Nazism. Its goal is to introduce Russian rap in North America to the English-language audience and prove that American rap sucks and has no future. Their style of music is to diss as many rap artists as possible and end up in shit like tupac or biggie smalls.

TOP MembersEdit

GROZN1Y - REC headliner boss. He is well known for his performances on internet rap-battles. His style is filled with hatred against American rappers, such as Lil' Wayne and Flo Rida. Born in Belarus, he moved to live in New York where his whole crew is known to reside.

PROPHY PROFF - former skinhead and member of various far-right and neo-nazi organizations back in Belarus. His favorite movie is American History X. He is a Nazi-turned-rapper who works alongside his fellow Grozniy on how to "catch a blackeye". Homeless bum. Resides on the streets.

KALIBRO - one of the most "dangerous" members of the crew. He has his own gang of mombets who walk around threating white girls on the streets of New York.

KIFF - Toronto-based rapper. Neo-Nazi. According to some, he was even seen on Paul Fromm rally "get a paki"

Tournavis - perhaps the wierdest member of the crew. While being a 'real gangsta', he was also a fan of Jonas Brothers. He hated almost everybody and everything. He was known for his shitty style dissing everyone he could. After receiving several dead threats from his opponents, he briefly disappeared and nothing was ever heard about him. He now lives calm in Ukraine.

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