The Red Sea separates Africa from Arabia. No rivers run into the Red Sea to freshen its water so the Red Sea is saltier than a typical Ocean.


The Red Sea has been a major shipping route since the Bronze Age and Iron Age, ancient Egyptians are the earliest people known to have explored there. The Red Sea became more important after the construction of the Suez Canal in the 19th Century. Through the Suez Canal the Red sea connects the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.


There is an abundance of coral and marine life in most coastal regions of the Red Sea, some coral reefs are thousands of years old. [1][2]


The story of how the Ancient Israelite supposedly crossed the Red Sea is like other Myths and it's just typical Mythology. There's no evidence that crossing ever happened or that Moses was what the Bible claims. [3][4] Still people with Faith believe what they were taught to believe when young.

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