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A term that refers to conservative beliefs for those who need to understand everything in terms of relative spacial reasoning.

Right Wing politics include conservatism, fundamentalism, neoconservatism, paleoconservatism, republicanism, libertarianism and nationalism.

Examples of Right Wing Politicians throughout HistoryEdit

George W. Bush
His dad
Dick Cheney
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
David Duke
Margaret Thatcher


It is ironic, many wars over the course of history have been started by right wing governments, and many are between right wing governments. They hate each other, and they fight, but they are all on the same side of the political spectrum. The Evangelical Christians, Dubya, and fascist America was at war with Muslims and Osama bin Laden but in reality they are actually both very right wing, as was Bush.

Nazism FascismEdit

Nazism and fascism are generally considered Right wing though authoritarianism and totalitarianism of the Nazi/Fascist type can be found in Far left Dictatorships as well. Sinn Féin and its terrorist wing the IRA are good examples of this, as are their left wing opponents of the UVF.

Repeat the word right often and people might overlook it’s wrongEdit

Conservatives try and pretend the right wing is right, ie righteous and right, ie correct.

If you disagree right-thinking folk from the Bible Belt will take out their assault Rifles with Christian charity. Jimmy Swaggart says the right is the way God wants it right, and others like him agree. Bible belt folk say, do the right thing and be the right man, and if you’re a woman be subservient to the right man. Andrew Schlafly and Conservapedia say the right words, at the right time, at the right place. Mitt Romney and others want to change everything to the right unless those Liberals stop them. So you use the right media. and read the right books, do the right thing, they will tell you what’s right or wrong.

Despite what they say the right wing is wrong and the right way is left.

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