Robert Treat Paine
20160127 051658
Mr. Paine
Occupation: Lawyer
Known for: Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Religion Unitarianism
Born March 11, 1731
Died May 11, 1814 (aged 83)

Robert Treat Paine (March 11, 1731 – May 11, 1814) was a Massachusetts lawyer and politician, best known as a signer of the Declaration of Independence as a representative of Massachusetts. He served as the state's first attorney general, and served as an associate justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the state's highest court.[1]


  • Some Crazy-A$$ people may find it weird how Paine was born & died on The 11th day of a month because of some Numerology they think is being used by The New World Order People. These kind of people may be 9/11 Truthers & should be ignored.


  1. Wikipedia on Robert Treat Paine

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