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Mitt Romney, a known victim of this disease

Don't take everything we write seriously.

Romnesia, or known as Romnesises Conservatitus (Scientific Name), is a deficit in memory caused by brain damage, disease or psychological trauma.Essentially, romnesia causes a patient to change his mind frequently, partially, or wholly, depending on the severity of the deficit.


Symptoms include

  • Low IQSince a low IQ person's neurological immunity system is weak, they are heavily vulnerable to romnesia. Conservatives are low IQ, or they wouldn't be conservatives
  • Change his mind frequently.
  • Losing elections. W. Mitt Romney has failed the election due to romnesia, the voters wouldn't trust him. He claims he likes all Americans, than says that 47% of Americans are losers.


  • The only treatment is to cease being a conservative, but this is rather hard as this involves raising a person's IQ into liberal status. 

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