Ronald Wilson Reagan
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Mr. Reagan
Political Party: Republican (1962-2004), Democratic Party (Before)
Education: Eureka College
Religion Presbyterian
Born February 6, 1911
Died June 5, 2004 (aged 93)

"For a day and a night did Ancient Ronald Reagan make his wrath known. Against his indomitable hide the reds threw countless men, tanks, and ships. But the Soviets could not prevail. The venerated dreadnought spat freedom from his assault cannon and spewed liberty from his flamer. There was no stopping him."- Annals of the Americans, the Democratic Astartes

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Ronald Reagan was a god among men B Movie actor who moved into politics, becoming Governor of California and from 1981 to 1989 President of the United States. Conservatives probably secretly worship Ronald Reagan as a god or prophet, calling him "Saint Reagan".

Many Republicans say that the Republican Party has gone so far-right that Reagan couldn't have made it as one of them. However to quote Bill Maher, "Ronald Reagan was an anti-government, union-busting, race-baiting, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-intellectual who cut rich people's taxes in half, had an incurable case of the military-industrial complex and said Medicare was socialism that would destroy our freedom. Sounds to me like he fit in just fine."

Also, during his days as an actor, Reagan was an FBI informant. Reagan was an Irish American and in Irish culture, there's nothing worse than a rat.

Cold WarEdit

Although many credit President Reagan with ending the Cold War and helping to defeat Communism, this conveniently ignores the efforts of decades of liberal presidents starting with John F. Kennedy, to isolate the Soviet Union and contain the spread of Communism. Further Mikhail Gorbachev last premier of the USSR attempted to bring in economic reforms. This caused the Soviet Union to fall as well as communist countries in central Europe.


Reagan Was Awful

Reagan's record

At home Reagan ran a corrupt administration and many of the underlings he chose were convicted of felonies. If Reagan didn't know abut it he was incompetent, if he knew he has also corrupt. [1]

Reagan's actions in the Middle East and Latin America have been harshly criticized by significant portions of the United States population as well as by NGOs such as Amnesty International. Although truthful, this very article was deleted from Conservapedia because it was considered "trolling". Apparently it is a capital offense on Conservapedia to insult their great prophet, Ronald Reagan. [2]. Well even Reagan was more liberal than many of the sillier Conservatives today. [3] And, yet, conservatives griped when "The Reagans" was set to air on CBS on November 16 and 18, 2003 when the mini-series TV movie was released late that year but ended up airing on Showtimes. And all because "The Reagans" actually revealed who he really was and it was about his family, not just him.

Reagan WORST President EVER!

Reagan WORST President EVER!

A little dose of reality

Policy in Latin AmericaEdit

During his term in office, Reagan funded an anti-communist but still brutal regime in El Salvador. His justification for this was that it would be even worse if a Communist regime were to take power. During this time he also funded an insurgence in Nicaragua. Although the Sandinistas, who were the ruling party in Nicaragua, were corrupt and did engage in some Human rights violations, the counter-revolutionaries that Reagan funded were even more brutal. The Contras have been accused by reliable sources such as Amnesty International of gross violations of human rights. The violations were so bad that even more liberal elements in the normally conservative Roman Catholic Church were somewhat supportive of the socialist Sandinistas. The Contras regularly destroyed social projects initiated by the Sandinistas including schools, hospitals, and agricultural collectives.

Policy in the Middle EastEdit

Support for Saddam HusseinEdit

In addition to supporting Bin Laden, Reagan also supported Saddam Hussein. The reason for this was because America was a bitter enemy of Iran, and had been since a theocratic regime took over in 1979. Despite being a brutal tyrant, Saddam was secular and was at war with Iran. This made him an attractive ally to the United States. Also, America would have access to Iraq's large oil reserves. This support continued even after it became known that Hussein was using chemical weapons against both Iranian forces and segments of the Iraqi population.

Nuclear WeaponsEdit

Ronald Reagan with Walter and Cordelia Knott

Reagan giving a speech.

Ronald Reagan spent vast sums of taxpayers money on various schemes to end the deadlock of Mutually Assured Destruction and move to a scenario where the United States might be able to launch a sneak Pearl Harbor style surprise attack and "win" a nuclear war. Though winning a war that leaves tens of millions of casualties on your own side and some of your allies completely devastated is a strange concept of winning. He tried to do this by:

  1. Star Wars style weapons to destroy long range missiles being fired at the United States - so if they had worked perfectly the US could have fought a war where the Soviets could only incinerate US allies who were within range of their short and medium range missiles.
  2. First Strike weapons - Nuclear missiles sufficiently accurate they could destroy Soviet weaponry before it could be fired.
  3. Stealth weaponry - weapons that could reach Soviet nuclear sites without detection.

Needless to say this was a highly risky and deeply unethical strategy, a betrayal of the US allies whose populations would have been killed by this, Europeans were scared by this and anti-nuclear movements grew. Reagan was also deeply ignorant of the lessons of history - if you make it clear to an enemy that you are preparing to attack them with overwhelming force that you are starting to build, don't be surprised if they attack before you are ready to attack them.

Ronald Reagan is the only person with control of a nuclear weapon system to have publicly joked about using it.


Ronald Reagan is the man who messed up America. He sold the country to big banks and corporations. He gave Wall Street so much power there have been problems ever since his presidency.  Reagan helped corporate executives get even wealthier furthermore by lowering their tax rates.  His policy was known as Reaganomics.

Ronald Reagan will be remembered as the man who ended the "economic terrorism" of the notorious peacenik Jimmy Carter. Not only did Reagan "free the greenbacks" (dollars) from the unjust oppression of world peace, he managed to sell arms to both sides in Iran-Iraq war! For this he is celebrated as the Greatest American Capitalist President ever!


He had a tendency to consult pseudoscientists astrologers [4].  This happened for a while, as his 1967 inauguration as California governer took place at 12:10 AM.

Even though many other presidents were superstituous, you'd think that by the second half of the 20th Century they'd know better.  And we'll never know Ronnie's true motivation for the Iran Contra Affair.  Maybe the position of Jupiter told him.

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  1. The massive (but under-reported) Reagan Administration corruption
  2. Link to deleted CP article
  3. Would Ronald Reagan be “too liberal” for GOP today?

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