The Roswell incident was an incident when in the late 1940s the US military removed material from Roswell in New Mexico. Straight Dope claims the debris was from a military balloon the US was using to monitor USSR Nuclear weapon tests. [1] This would have been classified information at the time and the US military would have wanted it under wraps.

Any number of Ufologists insist that the debris from an alien spacecraft was removed. Those who claim aliens were involved mislead people about the numbers of witnesses and/or the relevance and reliability of witness accounts. Some accounts were fabrications, for example a clerk claims the FBI interrupted a teletype message she was sending about the flying disk though a teletype machine of the time couldn't have been interrupted in the way she describes.[2]


  1. Did a flying saucer crash near Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s? What's with this "alien autopsy" movie?
  2. What Really Happened at Roswell

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