Queen Elizabeth

Royalty is a hereditary head of state, and the family of that head of state. Many countries in the world have royal families. The only reason individuals are royal is because of their ancestry, or because they married into a royal family. There is no democratic process whatsoever. Many monarchs are purely ceremonial, however, some monarchs have political power. In other words, dictatorship.

Royalty is an example of inequality. Royals amass Millions in wealth, without doing much work. Laborers do the hard work, but are hardly paid a fraction what royals are paid. Monarchy is acceptable at times, if the masses benefit from it. However, monarchs should not be making millions or Billions just because they happened to be born into a certain family.

Here is the net worth of various royals (in US dollars):

Queen Elizabeth II: $500 million (2011)

Prince William: $40 million

Prince Harry: $40 million

Prince Charles: $60 million

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: $18 billion (2011)

Carl XVI Gustav (Sweden): $42 million (2011)

Beatrix I (Netherlands): $200 million (2011)

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