Rudolph William Louis Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani
Mr. Giuliani
Political Party: Democratic (Before 1975)

Independent (1975–1980) Republican (1980–present)

Education: Manhattan College (B.A.)

New York University (J.D.)

Religion Roman Catholicism
Born May 28, 1944
Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

Rudolph William Louis "Rambo" Giuliani, under the pseudonym Harry Parritestikels is the former mayor of New York City. He was of low intelligence until he announced a candidacy for the 2008 United States Presidential election, at which time his brain was taken over by Karl Rove and became a horrible flesh-eating monster bent on world domination. He was also married to his second cousin, that shouldn’t matter too much as they have one gene in 32 or 64 in common. First cousin marriages are legal. Further he was the only 2008 presidential candidate who has performed in drag.

Giuliani seems to be a fan of Current Attorney General Loretta Lynch.[1]

In 2016 Giuliani Said that Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS.[2]

Liberal or conservativeEdit

Giuliani has stated that he is both pro-choice and pro-gay rights, but has also said he would appoint conservative justices. This scares a lot of liberal thinkers and liberal voters. What good is being liberal on social issues if you're just going to appoint conservative justices? That's just closed-minded right there. Funny he has also said "In choosing a President, we really don't choose a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal. We choose a leader." He is seen as useless by Mainstream America for exploiting his involvement during and after the 9/11 tragedies and he said during his speech at the dreaded 2008 Republican National Convention "We, the people, the citizens of the United States, get to decide our next president, not the left-wing media, not Hollywood celebrities, not anyone else but the people of America." His ego and power hungry nature tend to override doing the right thing. For these reasons, mainstream America rejects Rudy.


One of the good things that Rudy has talked about on the campaign has been the need to make the United States Federal Government more efficient. Unfortunately, this message (which both liberals and conservatives should be talking about) is lost because while campaigning he has his cousin/wife/woman call him and he's become a joke. This is sad because the issues raised are important to the national discourse.


  1. Giuliani steps up lobbying for Lynch
  2. Giuliani: Hillary Clinton 'could be considered a founding member of ISIS'

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