Satanism is for some the belief that Satan is your lord and savior. Some worship Satan and believe Satan is an evil force, others worship Satan and believe Satan is good while the God of Christianity is seen as Maltheitic or sometimes the true evil. Atheist Satanists don't even believe that Satan exists, they just see Satan as a Metaphor for something. [1]

Some American Satanists are concerned about separation of church and state. When Christian material is put up in a public space like a court house or a state capitol Satanists sometimes put up Satanic material because they believe Christian material shouldn't be treated more favourably than material connected with other religions including Satanism. [2]

There are good Satanists and there are bad Satanists. They are neither Liberal nor Conservative, although exceptions do exist. They are their own thing basically.

Satanism especially among Teens can be about shocking their elders and not wanting to be conventional.


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  2. Satanic Temple unveils controversial Baphomet sculpture to cheers of 'Hail Satan'

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