Scott Philip Brown
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Mr. Brown
Political party: Republican
Education: Tufts University

Boston College

Religion Reformed Evangelicalism
Born September 12, 1959

Scott Phillip Brown (born September 12, 1959) was the junior United States Senator from Massachusetts. Unfortunately, he is a Republican and that's why the facts from the previous sentence make us worry. He also posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine, [1]. And women probably like that photo.

Anyway that's not our problem,the problem is, if Obama posed nude, conservatives (or maybe Conservapedia only) would want to skin him alive.

2012 Fundraising ControversyEdit

As a Republican Senator in a highly Democratic leaning state, Senator Brown knew to be re-elected he would need a lot of funds to supports his candidacy. However in a political stunt to gain money from Republican supporters on the national level he lied and falsely claimed that Liberal MSNBC News Anchor, Rachel Maddow was secretly being drafted by the Democrats to run against him in 2012. He then repeated this lie in a fund-raising email. Maddow then stated that Brown’s speculation was false. Maddow said again on her TV program that she is not running for office and that Senator Brown didn’t ask her if she was running or planning to before he wrote the fund-raising email claiming her to be a possible candidate. Despite her comments the next day Brown continued the lie telling a Boston radio station to “Bring her on.” Maddow ran a full-page ad in the Boston Globe confirming she was not running, and separately demanding an apology from Brown. She has also invited him to be on her show many times to clear this up, however he denies ever being invited.

Political viewsEdit

As a State Senator, Brown held some Moderate Republican views, like supporting Massachusetts health care reform in 2006.

However as a Senator he took a more far right wing view on the issues like fellow Republicans. He stated he would vote against same sex marriage if the issue came up on the national level. He favors civil unions. He also voted against President Obama's health care bill. He supports the right to bear arms, and opposes cap and trade legislation. Other right wing views of his include; supporting the death penalty, and opposing providing driver's licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. He is pro-choice.

In a victory for sane people everywhere, he was defeated for re-election in 2012 by Elizabeth Warren. [2]



  1. Senator Scott Brown Posed Nude for Cosmo Here's a picture showing almost everything Scott Brown has.
  2. Fiery consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren beats Scott Brown in Massachusetts Senate race