Scott Roeder is a convicted murderer and terrorist.

Roeder murdered physician George Tiller [1] in an act of terrorism on American soil.

This murder was a calculated terrorist act intended to scare those who help women choose whether or not to have a baby. Though some of the worst Conservatives consider that criminal a "national treasure". [1]

Roeder is a self confessed Conservative, murderer and nutcase who holds American values of Democracy, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in such contempt that he was prepared to end the life of another human being rather than try to achieve his conservative agenda through political means.

The victim’s familyEdit

The family made the following statement.

This crime was cruel and heinous not only because it took our husband, father and grandfather; but because it was a hate crime committed against George – but also against all women and their constitutional rights.

We only can hope that this sentence will serve as a deterrent to those who have conspired and continue to conspire to murder abortion providers. Certainly everything possible should be done by the prison system to insure that this man does not continue to foment hatred and violence from his prison cell.

Dr Tiller's story is being told every day in the lives of the women he helped. His legacy cannot be diminished by the act of a single terrorist. [2] [3]

At least the perpetrator isn’t free to commit further offenses.


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