Scott Kevin Walker
20160226 214741
Governor Walker
Political Party: Republican
Education: Marquette University
Religion Nondenominational Evangelicalism
Born November 2, 1967

Scott Kevin "George" Walker Bush (Otherwise known as The Walker on Wall street) is the union-busting governor of Wisconsin who got revenge on the people who signed his recall petition.  He was elected with the teabbaggers in 2010.

In February 2016 Walker signed a bill cutting funding to Planned Parenthood[1] therefore he should be ashamed of himself because that will harm a great many people.

Job CreationEdit

Like every other politician since 2008, he campaigned on the promise to create tons of jobs in Wisconsin. Two hundred fifty thousand by 2015 to be exact.  Of course, because he's a Republican, he actually was promising to cut as many Taxes and repeal as many regulations as possible to allow the Private sector to do the job creating.  That is not going to happen, unless Walker miraculously scrapes together 145,000 jobs in the next year.[2]


Walker cared so much about balancing the budget that he passed legislation that took collective bargaining rights away from public employees so teachers could get paid less. Union members protested these new rules at sit-ins in the state capitol. That of course didn't work, as Conservatives never listen to protestors and are more likely to have them carted off to Jail. Additionally, union members had to vote annually on whether they still wanted to be in a union, and people who didn't vote were counted as "no." (i.e. if everyone voted, "yes" but only a hundred people cared enough to vote, the union would be disbanded)[3]

A couple years later, Walker moved staffers into different positions in his government and then back to their original positions in order to give them pay raises, so it's obviously only the teachers he has issue with. [4]. Some of the raises were for the Capitol Police Chief for arresting protestors in the capitol (Scott Walker doesn't even care about Free speech). If your a Wisconsin teacher who wants a raise, become a conservative and get a job working for Scott Walker. And make sure you hide the fact that you used to be a teacher.

Although parts of the law were struck down, it was still enforced and the State Supreme court will probably reinstate it.

Recall ElectionEdit

A recall was held June 5, 2012 over the union law. For some reason, Walker won. It was only the third recall election in US History; and the first where the incumbent was not defeated.

After the Recall ElectionEdit

Joshua Inglett was an enthusiastic student at the University of Wisconsin Platteville whom Walker was going to appoint to be on the state Board of Regents.  That was, until Walker's staff found out that Inglett had signed the recall petition; and his nomination was retracted.  There were others who came under scrutiny for having signed the petition. [5]

2016 RaceEdit



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