Secession map

A map of the states that seceded from the Union, along with the legal status of slavery in states. The orange states are the ones that seceded.

Secession, in the United States, is when a state leaves the union, and goes its merry way. It's illegal and unconstitutional, so, naturally, conservatives lustrously support it. Recently, the Governor of Texas (Rick "Executioner" Perry), has suggested Texas might have to secede if they get too pissed off with the federal government. Perry's belief in Texas' right to do so is rumored to be based on his confused understanding of Texas' erstwhile right to split into five separate states.[1]  In fact, that right did not survive Texas' secession and then readmission into the Union after the Civil War. There have been secessionist movements in Vermont and California, but these were only by a small minority of the population and not supported by the governors.

Glenn Beck believes secession is a good way to show you are pro-American.  Some Glenn Beck fans believe he may be correct because we would all be better off without the states that threaten secession, although the same fans admit it's unfortunately unconstitutional and has a history of causing bloody wars.

Ironically enough, various political groups associated with contemporary secessionist movements rally to the cry that they make up the "Party of Lincoln."

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