Secularized Language is a phrase that Andrew Schlafly invented to try to expose what he imagines is liberal hijacking English.

Andy boasted that Conservapedia was #1 when you searched Secularized language on Google to boost his ego. This is because he just made up the term. Then someone made a parody site which is now #1. Andy then corrected his mistake, saying that the search engines in Communist countries like Cuba and China linked his article on Secularized Language.

Some of the words have footnotes giving into detail about the transition but much of it is pulled out of Andy's butt.

Secularized Language is secularized?Edit

According to the list originally, secular was the secularized word for pagan. Thus Secularized language should have been be Paganized language. [1].


The word Christmas is listed on both the "Christian version" and "secularized version". Furthermore, "Expressions and Colloquialisms" is entirely discredited by "Avoiding Blasphemy"


  1. Secularized Language as the article was in 2011. Even Conservapedia saw that was a bit stupid, the 2015 version is different

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