Self-Defense is a right most people except extreme Pacifists accept. The law in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia allow use of reasonable force to defend oneself, defend other people and property. In practice what's reasonable can sometimes be hard to determine and varies between jurisdictions. Bias by judges and juries can affect the outcome of trials. Notably in The South of the USA White People can get away with more force against Black people than Black people can use against whites.


Most Liberals believe that the right to defend self, Family, other people, and property is a Natural Right. Most Liberals believe that the transfer of the right of self-defense is one of the basic tenets of popular sovereignty. Liberals disagree among themselves how much of this right has been transferred to government and how much remains with individuals. As with other rights and Freedoms, liberals believe that the right of self-defense can be abused, and comes with a corresponding responsibility to use that right properly.


Most Conservatives believe that the right to defend self, Family, other WASPs, and property is a right granted by the Constitution. Conservatives occasionally disagree on whether it's good form to chase after brown skinned people and Homosexuals who scare them and then kill those brown skinned people and homosexuals when they object to being stalked by Gun wielding overweight middle-aged Men overcompensating for their lack of virility. Younger men can also get away with a lot.

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