Smedley Darlington Butler
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General Butler
Years of service: 1898-1931
Rank: Major General
Unit 2nd Marine Regiment

1st Marine Regiment

Born July 30, 1881
Died June 21, 1940
"I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism"[1]

Smedley Darlington Butler born July 30, 1881, died June 21, 1940. Smedley Butler was one of the highest ranking and most decorated Marines in US history. Butler rose to the rank of Major General, (the highest rank in the Marine Corps at the time). Among the decorations Major General Butler received were two Congressional Medals of Honor and the Marine Corps Brevet Medal. Until his death, Major General Butler was the most highly decorated US Marine in history.

Major General Butler was a notable member of the Republican Party (At that time the Republican Party was more Liberal than it is today.) and served in the Republican Government of Philadelphia, while granted leave from the Marine Corps by Republican President, Calvin Coolidge. Butler also ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate as a Pennsylvania Republican.

Major General Butler became disillusioned with the Republican Administration of President Herbert Hoover after the forcible suppression of the Bonus March.

In 1934, Butler reported to Congress his knowledge of an ongoing plot to overthrow the government of the US and install a Fascist dictatorship.

In later life, Butler became a popular speaker, writer, and opponent of war profiteering and corporate influence.

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