Social Democracy is a form of of government based on Democratic values and helping the poor. Social democracy made France, Sweden, Norway together with many other western and central European nations great places. Scandinavian nations are occasionally called democratic socialist, for example PZ Myers wrote, "How about if the comparison is between, say, a ragingly capitalist country like the USA, and a socialist democracy like Sweden?" [1] Still Scandinavians are more often called social democrats.

People who have described themselves as democratic socialists include Bernie Sanders, Evo Morales, George Orwell, and Howard Zinn.

Social Democrat or Democratic Socialist CountriesEdit

Italian democratic socialists

Italian Democratic Socialists

There are many successful Social Democratic (democratic Socialist) countries, and their existence undermines the views of Conservatives who oppose social democracy. Sweden is a Social Democratic country which has universal health care, and helps homeless people [2] instead of treating them as worthless. All this suggests to compassionate people social democracy and/or democratic socialism is the answer.

Democratic socialism can mean Social democracy as in Sweden, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries and that works, Denmark is the happiest country in the world while Sweden, Norway and Finland are among the happiest. Democratic socialism can also mean Command economies which don’t work.

Relationship with liberalismEdit

Social democrats and Democratic Socialists have a good relationship with liberals, and share the same international association the Socialist International and the party of European Socialists . The Democratic Socialists of America and The Swedish Social Democratic party support Democratic Socialists working with liberals. Liberals and Democratic Socialists need to work together with social democrats and create a progressive coalition to defeat neo liberalism, conservatism and fascism and right wing democrats like the American Republican Party. However, Social democrats are repeatedly frustrated by centrist liberals who oppose progressive reforms like making higher education free and health care universal

Democratic socialism or social democracyEdit

There is no clear, agreed definition of Socialism and the extreme right in the USA describes a great deal including Obama's policies as socialist. Keynesian economics which aims to manage a Capitalist economy is also sometimes called socialist. Scandinavian nations are sometimes called liberal, sometimes called socialist but most often they're called social democrat.


The American right is afraid of social democracy and democratic socialism. We suspect some of them are intellectually challenged and bought into Propaganda by selfish rich people.

Friendly IdeologiesEdit

Enemy IdeologiesEdit


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