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Socialist Party of Portugal

Socialist Party of Portugal

The Socialist Party (Portuguese: Partido Socialista; pronounced [pɐɾˈtiðu susiɐˈliʃtɐ]) is a political party in Portugal. It was founded on 19 April 1973 in the German city of Bad Münstereifel, by militants from Portuguese Socialist Action (Portuguese: Acção Socialista Portuguesa).In my opinion it is the best political party in portugal.

José Sócrates , the current Prime Minister of Portugal , is the leader of the party. The party has currently 97 of 230 seats in the Portuguese Parliament. The Socialist Party stands out as about a third of its members in the Assembly of the Republic are women.Which is awesome! and a really good thing!.

Sócrates obtained a landslide victory (winning 77% of the votes) in early October 2004 for the succession of Ferro Rodrigues as Secretary-General of the party. Other candidates for the post were Manuel Alegre and João Soares in a vote by party members.

PS is a member of the Socialist International and the Party of European Socialists , and has seven members in the European Parliament within the Socialists & Democrats (S&D) Group during the seventh parliament.

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