Sodom and Gomorrah were a pair of cities in the Biblical book of Genesis.

The Genesis versionEdit

According to the Bible, the cities were both exceedingly wicked, with the only exception being the righteous family of Lot. When angels came to investigate, only Lot would offer them hospitality. Moreover, the men of the city sought to commit some form of wickedness with the angels (though it is more ambiguous than most people think). Lot offered up his daughters to placate the townspeople, but they weren't having any of it. Oddly enough, the Bible says nothing about the obvious cruelty in Lot's attempting to turn in his own daughters to be raped.

Due to the sheer iniquity, God was forced to destroy the cities with fire from heaven. Unfortunately, it seems as though women and children died in the destruction of the cities as well. God was kind enough, however, to give Lot's family a head start to leave. See Genesis 19

Because some of the wickedness involved sexual practices outside of the good old-fashioned baby-making kind, including man-on-man santorum-generating acts, gay sex has long been called "sodomy". Since then, the term has expanded to any kind of oral-genital or anal-genital contact.

Ezekiel begs to differEdit

Although the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19:4-29 is the most often cited version of the destruction of the two cities, there is one other notable mention of this story in Exekiel 16:46-50. In that passage, there is no mention of sex sin -- specifically the intended gang rape of Lot's visitors by the men of the town -- as a motive for God to destroy the cities.

Instead, the main reasons given for the cities' destruction was their arrogance and their enjoyment of abundance while being unconcerned with the plight of the poor amongst them. In other words, their level of moral rectitude was on a par with that of the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore. Not to mention Rush Limbaugh. Meanwhile, their level of compassion was on a par with that of Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and your average Tea Bagger. Not to mention Rush Limbaugh.

Perhaps the two most likely reasons that the Exekiel version gets so little mention among fundies is because:

  1. it doesn't have an red meat -- i.e., sex -- to throw at the typical Bible thumper; and
  2. the reasons listed in this version may strike a bit too close to home for some readers.


There is no archaeological evidence for either town, [1] however, if such settlements existed a massive earthquake and landslide could have destroyed them. [2]


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