South Carolina

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South Carolina
caused a lot of trouble for America.
  1. Arguing vehemently against declaring independence in 1775 though eventually they signed.
  2. Nullifying a federal law and threatening to secede in 1832
  3. Actually splitting off from the US in 1860 and causing a massive civil war
  4. Home to adulterous hypocrite Governor Mark Sanford, of "hiking the Appalacian Trail" fame
  5. Home to disrespectful Congressman Joe Wilson, of "you lie" fame
  6. Home to ultra-conservative Senator Jim Demint AKA Jim Demented of Teabagger fame
  7. Home to ultra-conservative Senator Strom Thurmond of Segregation fame
  8. Home to freaking ultra-conservative Liutenenat Governor Andre Bauer, of "poor people can starve" fame
  9. Home to Tea Party Governor Candidate Nikki Haley, of "I wasn't having an affair" fame
  10. Home to not-that-ultra-conservative Senator Lindsey Graham
  11. Has more rednecks than most states. And you can tell that by the freak farm that is the elected officials they select.

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