South Sudan is a landlocked country in eastern Africa with plains in the north and center and highlands in the south, along the border with Uganda and Kenya. The White Nile, a tributary of the Nile, flows north through the country. It's the major geographic feature of the country and supports agriculture and large wild animal populations. South Sudan is bordered by Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. [1]

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South Sudan is a very Poor Third World Nation that gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after prolonged devastating Civil war. South Sudan has grasslands, swamps and Rainforest and the main livelihood for many people is subsistence agriculture. [2]

South Sudan has one of the lowest rates of literacy in the World, the people give high priority to Education but lack of Economic development, the after effects of the civil war and continued conflict with Sudan limit what can be done at least for now. [3] Fresh civil war has broken out. [4]


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