Sport is 'an activity done supposedly for fun or for fitness. 'Sport is frequently a game, usually competitive, played between two parties, often teams. In sports, there is at least a minor risk of injury. Many games have international bodies and also various kinds of associated negative activity which generate much complaint. There are exceptions - such as darts, dominoes and bog snorkeling.

Real sportsEdit

Most sports can be described in one sentence - 'get more goals than the other team' (eg netball), 'keep the ball in the air longer than the other side' (eg tennis), 'get balls into the holes (in numbered order) in fewer moves than the other(s) (golf), be faster than everybody else (races of various kinds). Cricket is an exception.


A "sport" is an activity that does not involve significant activity, but nevertheless claims to be a sport. Often included in such descriptions are competitive chess, snooker, poker and trivia although none claim that they are either a sport or a "sport".

"Sports" are a favorite alternative recreation of Conservatives who do not like sports, or who are too out of shape to participate in them. This is a common stereotype that is completely, 100% true.

Sports wooEdit

Involves for example 'energy drinks' and special fitness regimes

Examples of "sports" Edit

Incorporates deleted RationalWiki material


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