Star Wars is one of the most popular Movie series of all time. It consists of six movies. Traditionally, most fans agree that the last three that were released were not as good as the original three.

The character of Jar Jar Binks ruined part one. It is generally agreed by all that Jar Jar Binks is representative of Dennis Kusinch. Short little feller with big ears.

Yoda is the little green Jedi knight that was voiced by Frank Oz, and sometimes people refer to older wise people at a workplace as "yoda". Yoda is representative of Oliver Wendell Holmes, a liberal Supreme Court justice who kicked ass.

Han Solo was played by Harrison Ford. Star Wars is also important culturally because of the marketing of toys, which has made Billions for George Lucas. Star Wars made a political statement when the emperor in Part II using "emergency powers" declared himself ruler and created an "army of clones". This has been compared to George Bush using the Patriot Act and creating the Blackwater Army to go into Iraq after 9/11.

It is also considered one of the best movie series ever made.[1]

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