Steven L. Anderson is a piece-of-shit pastor from Tempe, Arizona, running the Faithful Word Baptist Church. He represents pretty much everything wrong with Christianity.

History and Trivia Edit

  • In early-2009, just after Barack Obama was inaugurated into office, Pastor Anderson was recorded giving a sermon where he admitted praying for Obama to die and go to Hell [1].
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled both him and his church as a threat to society
  • In late-2014, David Pakman released a clip showing Steven Anderson wanting to "kill all gay people" to eliminate HIV/AIDS [2].
  • In June 2016, the dunce released a YouTube video praising ISIS for the Orlando Shooting, saying that these "sodomites" should have died anyway by a "righteous government". He also said that because of this incident, "the Democrats" would impose stricter gun laws [3].
  • Anderson also says that women should not have a say in church and should "remain silent" [4].
  • He has been tagged as "Hitler Pastor" by Kyle Kulinski [5].

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