Subhas Chandra Bose, also known as Netaji, was the in the opinion of his supporters the greatest leader and probably the only honest and uncorrupted leader to ever born on the Indian soil. As he supported Nazi Germany that doesn't look very likely, well anyway. He joined the Indian National Congress (INC) and was elected the president of the INC. But he did not believe in the tactics of non-violence of Gandhi and advocated armed resistance against the British colonial rule. He believed that India's Independence is possible only through political and military support from any enemy nation of Britain and apparently preferred Nazi Tyranny to British rule.

Gandhi viewed that it will be good to wait for the British rulers to grant independence after the end of the World War II. But Bose viewed that the political instability in Britain due to the war should be utilized to fight against the colonial rule. He came to the conclusion that an independent India needed socialist authoritarianism for at least twenty years. This was to remove evils like corruption from Indian society, so that fascists disguised as democrats cannot gain control of the country to continue their exploitation of the poor. The Nazi party in Germany was closely associated with business interests which helped to finance it. Therefore it appears Bose was naive when he imagined the Nazis could help introduce Socialism or or two-faced and evil when he pretended this.

Many jealous people misrepresented Bose's political views. Because he sought support from fascist country like Nazi Germany, pseudo-democrat conspiracy mongers in India propagate that Bose was a "fascist". But it is not true. In fact he was highly influenced by socialism and first tried to seek help from the Soviet Union. But due to the failure to establish relationship with the Soviet Union, he had no way other than seeking help from the fascist countries. His relationship with Nazi Germany was solely based on the enmity between Germany and Britain, and he needed help from an enemy country of Britain. Alternatively he was a corrupt politician exploiting Nazis or Socialists as best suited his personal interests.

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