A map of Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudan is a nation in northern Africa. Islam is the main religion, and Arabic is spoken. It shares a border with South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Chad, Libya, Egypt, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.

Omar al-BashirEdit

Omar al-Bashir is the dictator of Sudan. He oppresses his people and is accused of genocide. [1]


The northen portion of the country is largely desert. The Nile river flows through it. At the capital, Khartoum, the White Nile and the Blue Nile converge to form the Nile. Sudan has a small amount of coast on the Red Sea.


In Darfur and southern Sudan, there has been a large amount of ethnic conflict and genocide. In July 2011, South Sudan became independent. Because there is a large amount of oil in South Sudan, Sudan lost a lot of income from oil.


  1. Omar al-Bashir charged with Darfur genocide

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