Supermarkets are a Neocon corporatist version of regular markets, but because they are American they are super. You can buy all your groceries at a supermarket, including cheese. But none of the individual counter staff are running their own little shop, and usually none of the stuff on the shelves is from anywhere nearby.

Supermarkets have turned into all purpose stores like WalMart, which, despite being quite convenient, are driving small companies out of business in small towns across those parts of the western world that encourage big retailers. They have not done well in terms of human rights either and use low skill labour make hard working people work long hours with no overtime pay so the CEO can buy another yacht.

Countries such as France have adopted taxation policies for retail space that discriminate in favour of small shops, whilst corporatist countries such as Britain have pro big business policies that tax the area around the shop windows most heavily and thereby promote big out of town retailers and undermine small town centre shops. Some British towns have planning policies that protect town centres with separate shops for genuine butchers, bakers and greengrocers against out of town developments, but central governments both Tory and New Labour have encouraged the Supermarket culture.

Some towns have tried to fightback by providing space for Farmers markets, where local growers can sell direct to the public, cutting out the supermarkets and enabling a far greater diversity of food whilst promoting organic produce and sustainable transport. Farmers markets and local greengrocers and butchers are much better places to buy good food. Hooray.