Supply-side economics is a trick by conservatives, notably Ronald Reagan. They pretend that to improve the economy and get more consumers, a nation should lower taxes and make budget cuts so consumers can more easily obtain products.

Why Supply-side economics is rubbishEdit

What governments get in taxes they spend in areas like Health care, Education and other areas that improve society. Government spending stimulates the economy just the same as private spending does.


Opponents of Keynesian Economics developed supply-side economics trying to improve the economy.  Followers of supply-side economics argue that lower taxes makes it more appealing to the working class and, of course, the greedy rich.


Supply-side economics was used primarily during the Reagan administration.  Critics point out that the result of supply-side economics fell short of their expectations - they don't go far enough.  Supply-side economics utterly failed, while the income tax was lowered, other taxes were raised so they did nothing. The whole thing was just an excuse to cut income tax for rich people.