Susan Margaret Collins
20160320 054532
Senator Collins
Political Party: Republican
Education: St. Lawrence University
Religion Roman Catholicism
Born December 7, 1952

Susan Margaret Collins is the Sr. Republican senator from Maine. That's right, Maine actually elected a Republican, and she's surprisingly popular, despite representing a blue state[1]

Political PositionsEdit

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine

Collins is considered by many a RINO and  considered the most liberal Republican in the U.S. Senate, and considered by many to be the only moderate Republican still serving. She has to take moderate stances to win in the liberal state of Maine.


Unlike most of her party, Collins is pro-choice, and typically votes against abortion restrictions. [2]

Gays RightsEdit

Collins has a mixed record on LGBT issues.On one hand, she opposes a Federal Marraige Amengment, which would add bigotry  to the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, she has yet to declare support for gay marriage. The National Journal predicts that she's one of the most likely Republicans to endorse marriage equality.[3]


On economic issues, Collins is more likely to vote with her party. She believes in Supply-Side Economics, and voted in favor of the Bush-era tax cuts. She has a very anti-union voting record, receiving a 0% rating from the AFL-CIO. On the more positive side, she supports increasing the minimum wage and expanding unemployment benefits. [4]


Collins is one of only a few Republicans who believes in science, correctly noting that climate change is real. She received a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, and became one of very few Republicans they've endorsed. She's joined with Democrats to set new energy standards to combat global warming. [5]  Despite her support for enviornmental issues, she supports the Keystone XL Pipeline, despite its negative enviornmental and economic impacts.[6]

Foreign PolicyEdit

Collins is very conservaive on foreign policy. She voted in favor of a useless war in Iraq and is a major supporter of government surveillance, defending the blatantly unconstitutional USA PATRIOT Act. Additionally, she supports  the United State's massive defense budget.The anti-war orginazation SANE gave her a 0% rating. [7]

Donald Trump's Muslim BanEdit


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