Suspenders are clothing accessories usually to help keep pants up. They are connected either by buttons or clips to pants (or trousers) worn across the shoulders. When suspenders when worn by younger people for activities such as Prom, galas or dancing contests, they are often deemed "too-tight and uncomfortable".

People who wear them Edit

The majority of people who wear suspenders are firemen as well as old, White men above the age of 55. You can find an old, White man wearing suspenders at your local church hobbling around while complaining about "today's teenage cultures". In addition, many Bible Thumpers wear suspenders (as if wearing a belt is a sin). Examples include Micah Armstrong and Jed Smock, and we can bet these people vote in every election, every year for the Republican candidate.

Faux Pas? Edit

It is considered a faux pas to wear a belt with suspenders (according to the Internet, various books and "Weird Al" Yankovic)

In Culture Edit

  • There's on October 20 every year in America called "National Suspenders Day".
  • Larry King, a former television host, is known for wearing suspenders while broadcasting.
  • California-based steampunk band Steam Powered Giraffe wrote a song called "The Suspender Man" in 2012

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