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Swiss cheese is the rival to cottage cheese. Good marketing of the inclusion of holes have made it quite popular around the globe.

Real Swiss cheeseEdit

Whilst the French generally get a lot of recognition for being the great European cheese nation, Switzerland has long been known by connoisseurs as home to some of the world’s finest fromage. The depth of Swiss cheese goes well beyond the common clichés of bland, hole-riddled cheese and Heidi. (...) things like Vacherin, Viamala, Jersey Blue and L’Etivaz. [1]

Swiss cheese, American styleEdit

Swiss cheese the generic name for several varieties of cheese originally made in Switzerland. In the United States "swiss cheese" is an imitation of the Swiss Emmental or Emmentaler. Swiss cheese is a mild cheese made from cow's milk and has a firmer texture than baby Swiss. The flavor is mild, sweet and nut-like. Swiss cheese is known for being shiny, pale yellow, and having large holes (called eyes) resulting from carbon dioxide released during the maturation process. Cheesemakers can control the size of the holes by changing the acidity, temperature, and curing time. [2]


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