Online TK was a power that couldn't be opposed where he had sysop buttons, notably at Conservapedia [1] Whatever the reason for TK’s difficult persona online Internet users need to be on their guard against those who appear friendly but tear communities down because there are others like him online and offline.

"The threshold for tolerating constant arguments and disputes, is very low these days. It will get lower." (TK 8th Dec '08) [1]

Terry Koeckritz (December 28, 1950 - December 17, 2010), alias "TK", "The Knife", "Team Killer", and even "TeacaKe", [2] had accounts at both Conservapedia and RationalWiki. He was defrocked as a sysop for a few months in 2008, but was rehired to enforce Andrew Schlafly's iron will. People tend to think he was loyal to nobody but himself, and terminally power hungry. He was inclined to be quite abrasive, and used to tear communities down skilfully.[2]

Operating systemEdit

He prefered to contact users privately, through email or other means, so most of the community didn’t see what’s happening. He targeted new users who hadn’t learned about his past, and showed them only his “better” side. [3] These users ended up supporting TK against experienced users who knew him better, and quarrels developed. Discussions got fragmented off via chatroom forums, instant messenger chat sessions, etc., where the rest of the community wouldn’t know what he was doing.

He ignored reasonable discussion and imposed what he wanted.


For some time TK was close to Andrew Schlafly and ranked just below the Führer. He was notorious as the most tyrannical of the sysops at Conservapedia, and even the other sysops feared him. TK was enthusiastic with the banhammer and blocked large numbers of users. He even used range blocks against potential users who had done nothing. At that point he felt able to challenge Andrew Schlafly himself. TK undid some of Schlafly's edits, and refused to accept The Boss's say as final. Schlafly turned around and stung TK by desysopping him. After that TK had to do without the special powers. Desperate for power TK tried to act as a sysop even after he had been desysoped.

Banishment and returnEdit

For a time TK was banished from Conservapedia and caused problems at RationalWiki instead. Things got too hot for him at RationalWiki.

TK returned to Conservapedia on the 23rd of March, after being unblocked by Geo.plrd. Although he was supposedly on parole, the document that discussed the specifics of this status was quietly deleted (again by Geo.plrd) on 28th March with the comment "Per private discussion" (although as usual on Conservapedia, other sysops voiced no objection). [4]

Between late April and late November 2008, TK stayed away from CP. TK returned to Conservapedia in November 2008 in force, and became as active as he ever was. He got blocking rights within three weeks of his return. Several previously committed Conservapedia sysops say they left Conservapedia because of him.[citation needed]Philip J. Rayment has left and started A storehouse of Knowledge.

There have been prominent, probably futile letters of complaint, see JessicaT and

An open letter from a disillusioned conservapedian. RationalWikians and Liberapedians can't do more than speculate about what TK may have been doing through emails, chatrooms etc.

Then, TK seemed to be working faster than the previous time. He may have felt a need to do his stuff before his reputation caught up with him, but teh Assfly has a bad memory: on December 1st, 2008, he reinstalled TK to near-sysopship, now with added Checkabuser checkuser powers.[5]


TK had something in common with an Internet Griefer.[6] Conservapedia suited him - there are strong but arbitrarily enforced rules, behind-the-scenes administrative communications, a fairly clear ideology to abuse, and plenty of vulnerable normal users and borderline personality-disordered admins to manipulate. However, we can't get inside his head to see exactly what he wanted. Last time, Andrew Schlafly kicked him out before he could finish whatever he wanted to do. Perhaps he learned from his last mistake, and was be satisfied when he controls everybody except the Schlafly family.

TK's shenanigansEdit

Here's the sort of thing he does.

IP range blocksEdit

Huge IP range blocks, taking out whole regions and/or ISPs, were instituted by TK and it appeared that TK was trying to stamp out the use of TOR and proxy servers by vandals, without caring how much collateral damage he did in the process, although another possibility was that he wanted to minimize non-American involvement in Conservapedia. Either way he refused to discuss the rationale behind these range blocks publicly.[7]

TK has even used range blocks deceitfully and vindictively to target individuals. When User:Sideways queried a fellow editor's block, TK responded not by openly targeting Sideways but by blocking IP range,[8] effectively stopping a large proportion of a UK-based ISP's customers from editing Conservapedia. When Sideways used a proxy IP to further complain,[9] TK banned him/her for "abusing multiple accounts", associating Sideways with various unrelated vandals who had used the same proxy.[10] The above happened 19th December 2008.

A similar pattern showed up in TK's treatment of User:BRichtigen, whom it is likely that TK was deliberately targeting for BRichtigen's persistent insistence on fair treatment of editors by sysops (see Conservapedia:MYOB). On 2nd December 2008, TK blocked IP range[11] BRichtigen then complained that he was covered by this block, along with many thousands of other households in Germany and Central Europe.[12] Subsequently the block was lifted, but when TK blocked BRichtigen for two weeks, on 16th December, he again blocked BRichtigen's IP, this time for six months.[13] Again, both blocks were lifted by other administrators. However, when Bugler blocked BRichtigen for a week, on 27th December, TK saw his chance again, and blocked the IP range for a full year.[14]

It is likely that TK used this tactic consistently. A glance through his block log shows that he blocks almost as many IP addresses as user accounts, often alternating between the two. It seems probable that, as in the case of Sideways and BRichtigen, he barred user's IP addresses when blocking them, often for much longer than the user was blocked. He has also been seen encouraging other users with block rights to share information with him for the purpose of range blocks.[15]

Church fireEdit

There was a fire at the church where Sarah Palin worships. There is not even proof that the fire was started deliberately. Here’s what TK said:

An arsonist would not, could not, be a "Christian". So who else but an atheist? Someone following Christ's teaching would never do arson. So, logically, one would assume it is a Godless person. [16]
WillB was more sensible:

I'm sure the police are looking into all the possibles [sic] such as someone with other religious believes [sic] (such as Muslims or Hindus) or a few angry former members of the church or any of what could be dozens of possible suspects.[17]
Later still

All religions have their bad apples [18]


TK blocked HelpJazz for being an administrator of a group harming Conservapedia, ie RationalWiki. He was Jazzman there and he wasn't very active. It seemed being an administrator is what counts. TK is a user at RationalWiki as is HelpJazz. The stuff about administrators on his userpage here suggests he just might have wanted to be a bureaucrat. TK was playing a game of, “I can but you can’t.” Well HelpJazz there are better websites to edit.


It appears that the subject of this article has died after a long debilitation illness. It seems he was very sick with heart disease for many years. [3] Neither RationalWiki nor Liberapedia know how much freedom he had offline during the time he was an invalid. Did the lack of freedom for other users where TK had sysop buttons reflect lack of freedom in TK’s real life? We can only guess but it’s possible to speculate that in real life he was a helpless disabled person totally dependent on his older mother and perhaps other helpers.

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