This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

A Taboo is something forbidden. If you break a taboo People think you've done something awful, people may hate you afterwards.

Some things are considered taboo, when they should not. As a society, we should be doing away with taboos that restrict Freedom and progress to a more free, more accepting society.

Examples of silly taboosEdit

  • If you say you believe in state medical care for sick people among fundy Conservative Christians people think you're horrid and a Liberal.
    Nice kind Conservatives don't mind very much if Poor sick people stay sick when they can't afford medical care. They much prefer the idea of the poor sick people relying on patronising conservative charity. They mind a lot if the state makes poor sick people better, because then they don't get to feel superior or good.
  • If you say you don't believe in God among fundy Christians people think you're horrid and with Satan, despite your previous statement tending to indicate that you believe in no such thing.
  • If you say you believe in Evolution among fundy Christians people think you're horrid and with Satan. Even if you say you believe in A more liberal God Far right Christian fundamentalists despise you because you don't believe in the same God as they do.

These tactics make people scared to admit they don't believe in Any concept of God, they believe in evolution or they approve of state medicare.

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