Workers are harassed, poorly paid and denied trade union rights on tea plantations and in tea packing factories. Supermarkets have invariably failed to use their influence to improve this situation, so War on Want has been campaigning for the UK government to implement binding regulatory measures to protect workers overseas. [1]

Living and working conditions are so bad, and wages so low, that tea workers and their families are left malnourished and vulnerable to fatal illnesses. There was also a disregard for health and safety, with workers spraying chemicals without protection, and on some estates, child labour being used. [2]

Tea is a drink that contains caffeine like Coffee. Tea is popular in the UK and in many parts of the Commonwealth, in the Orient generally. Americans tend to prefer coffee.

Unfortunately workers in the tea industry are often Extremely poor and exploited.

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  1. A Bitter Cup
  2. The bitter story behind the UK's national drink

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