Ted rall

Ted Rall

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

Ted Rall is a liberal extremist.

He's a political cartoonist who makes controversial comics about how conservatives (he criticizes them, which is good until when he goes too far) and liberals (he criticizes us, which we don't like so much) are idiots. He has said Barack Obama should resign, and has called for a massive and violent overthrowment of the government.

Even though he's against war, he's also a critic of all war veterans, including Pat Tillman and hates them, sort of like the Westboro Baptist Church. Rall has been connected with Code Pink. [1]

He has also used the N-word to describe Condoleezza Rice. [2] We didn't like her at all under The Shrub, but even we wouldn't use that offensive word.

We liberals will admit Ted Rall is a progressive extremist. But unlike conservatives, we will admit when someone is a nutjob in our spectrum. We liberals care about accountability and transparency and are against double standards.

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