The Huffington Post is an online Liberal/Progresssive news outlet founded in 2005. It's current CEO is Eric Hippeau and was co-founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti. The Huffington Post is a political news website and aggregated blog featuring various news sources and columnists.

Dissatisfied bloggersEdit

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The domain was formed in 2010 by Bloggers dissatisfied with the editorial policies of Arriana Huffington. It was affiliated with Local 1981 of the National Writers Guild. The original domain was After The huffington Post was sold to AOL Time Warner for 315 million dollars, AOL Time Warner sued and took control of the domain, where upon the bloggers reverted to, which remains in use. The site consists of essays and articles written for a highly educated audience and lacks the human interest stories that the Huffington Post has become famous for. Much of the content examines misinformation and disinformation in the mainstream media.

The site is neither liberal nor Conservative and features interviews with former government officials and authors, most of whom hold doctorates in their field.

The group started another site in 2013.

HPUB has been censored on Wikipedia after pressure from AOL Time Warner.


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