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The Little Mermaid is an anti-Feminist Disney Film based on the Christian allegory by Hans Christian Andersen. The movie promotes the idea of traditIonal gender roles. It is the story about a young woman forced to choose between her father’s world and her future husband’s world, based on a patriarchal society.

The main villain is Ursula, who is based on LGBT actress, Divine, but she is portrayed in a demonic way. She gives the characters the bodies they want for a price. Feminists claim the movie is a feminist’s worst nightmare. The film tells the sexist idea that good women are those who are slender, silent and lovesick rather then those who are voluptuous, outspoken and sexual. It also contains the song "Kiss the Girl" which gives the idea for men that the “one way to ask” if a woman wants you to kiss her, is to just kiss her. It’s not a good movie for girls or anyone is general.

The Little Mermaid was released during the late 1980’s, even though feminism was established prior to that, however more recent Disney films are more Progressive, such as The Princess and the Frog.

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