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NOTHING is err.... Well it's nothing.

You can buy nothing and that will cost you nothing, see Buy Nothing Day.

Dividing by ZeroEdit

This cannot end well.

If you understand how division works, then this should be something you can try to understand. Think about how many equal parts of nothing you can make from something. However many times you remove nothing from something you'll end up with the same amount you had when you started. Don't bother counting all the times, because it is infinite (Don't say undefined, because it's defined as a boundless number and it definitely is a boundless number).

So, 42/0=infinity. With the Quotient Law, we can easily rearrange this to say 0(infinity)= 42 (and any other number too), which goes against the Zero Product Law.

Alternatively dividing by zero is impossible because however many times you try to take nothing away from something nothing changes. This is because people don't like using infinity in maths, as it tends to muck things up.

Zero can get exciting in maths.

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