The Onion
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Official Logo for The Onion
Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Type Satirical magazine
Format Website

The Onion is a satirical well regarded American weekly news magazine, and its associated web site.[1] Over the years, The Onion has expanded from a simple magazine to a massive company, running a website that beats most professional news organizations and running television skits where the production values rival those of CNN. Because the high quality of The Onion's appearance, it's little wonder that it sometimes gets mistaken for the real thing.

Many upon scores of many times, the Onion has beaten Liberapedia to the punch with their humor and payroll.[2] We work for free :)

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  1. The Onion website
  2. Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'

Adapted from The Onion at RationalWiki

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