The Philippines is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean off South America. The Roman Catholic Church is rather strong and in some ways primitive in the Philippines, for example Flagellation is a regular feature of Easter there.

The Philippines suffers Third World poverty cursed with a fast growing populationThe poorest who most need to limit family size can’t afford Contraception. The Roman Catholic Church fought against free contraception and delayed it till 2014 but that is ending. The government will from now on provide free or subsidized contraception for those who need it. In other areas the Roman Catholics still impose their morality, Divorce is illegal in the Philippines forcing some people to stay in abusive Marriages. [1] there’s only one other nation in the World where divorce is illegal, that’s guess where? The Vatican. [2]


  1. How to split when divorce is banned
  2. Is Catholic Church's influence in Philippines fading?

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