The Progressive
The Progressive

The Progressive

October 2002 cover
Editor Matthew Rothschild
Categories Politics , culture
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1909
Company The Progressive Magazine
Country United States
Based in Madison, Wisconsin
Language English
ISSN 0033-0736

The Progressive is a awesome magazine founded by U.S. Senator Robert M. La Follette, Sr of Wisconsin The Progressive is located in Madison, Wisconsin. The Progressive covers progressive politics it opposes the unjust war in Iraq and supports environmentalism universal health care and much more. The Progressive has a circulation of 66,000.


Throughout the years, The Progressive has published leading social critics such as Jane Addams, Helen Keller, Jack London, Clarence Darrow, Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens , Carl Sandburg , George Orwell, Mike Males, A.J. Muste , James Baldwin , I.F. Stone , June Jordan , Noam Chomsky , Edward Said , Nat Hentoff , Milton Mayer , and Molly Ivins . It has also published liberal politicians such as Adlai Stevenson , J. William Fulbright , George McGovern , Russ Feingold Paul Wellstone , Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders.

The magazine's regular contributors include David Barsamian, Kate Clinton , Susan Douglas , Will Durst , Barbara Ehrenreich , Eduardo Galeano, Fred McKissack, John Nichols Adolph L. Reed , Jr and Howard Zinn.

The editor of The Progressive is Matthew Rothschild. Its editorial offices are in Madison, Wisconsin.

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