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The White Stripes are a family from Detroit, Michigan they are also a successful band who have had many successful albums.

They had a period where they released early stuff like The White Stripes and De Stijl. Later on, they released White blood cells, which had tracks like, ‘Fell in love with a girl’ and ‘We're going to be friends’, (aka the first song your guitar teacher teaches you how to fingerpick with) ‘The same boy you've always known’ (one of the best songs ever written), the union forever (a whole song of Citizen Kane quotes) and offend in every way (rated by Guitar Central one of the 100 worst guitar solos of all time. And he isn’t C.C. Demille and he doesn't use a talkbox.)

Riding on the success of this, they released one of the worst earworm riffs of the decade – ‘Seven nation army’, the hardest button to button, ball and biscuit, etc on Elephant, aka the cover that no one got the point of.

Then they released, ‘Get behind me Satan’, a completely awesome album involving Blue Orchid (that makes a lot more sense when you consider that orchid comes from the Greek word for testicle), ‘The nurse’, My doorbell’, ‘The denial twist’, ‘Little ghost’, ‘Instinct blues’, ‘A lot of marimba’, and the beautiful piano ballad, ‘I'm Lonely but I ain't that lonely yet’.

Then they went on the first monsters of rock tour of Canada, invoking the land of the liberal. They then released icky thump, known for the title track, ‘You don’t know what love is’, ‘Conquest’, ‘Rag and bone’, ‘Little cream soda’, ‘300 mph torrential downpour blues’, etc. and weird-ass stuff like, ‘St. [- this battle is in the air’.

They are insanely liberal bluesmen at heart.

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