How to Participate in a Political Party Rule the world for God. Give the impression that you are there to work for the party, not push an ideology. Hide your strength. Don't flaunt your Christianity. Christians need to take leadership positions. Party officers control political parties and so it is very important that mature Christians have a majority of leadership positions whenever possible, God willing." [1]

TheocracyWatch is a group founded by environmental activist Joan Bokaer and run by the Center for Religion, Ethics and Social Policy of Cornell University. It is concerned about the influence of the Religious Right and Dominionism in the Republican Party of the United States. Their website exposes the operations of the Religious Right, examples are given below.


Christians are told to "take dominion over all things as vice-regents of God". [2] Part of the Religious Right's strategy is for religiously motivated candidates to take on unpopular posts as local party officials and later use this base to get religiously based policies accepted.[citation needed] Another strategy was to mobilize religious opinion, as the late Jerry Falwell said, "get them saved, get them Baptized, and get them registered"[3]


Wives, submit to your own husband as to the lord, For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church [4]

The Bible quote refers only to husbands but women are seen as subordinate to men generally, John Eldredge sees “women ruling over men” as a curse. Concerned Women for America sees itself as a counterweight to feminism and fights a wide range of measures that can empower women. Further women as subordinate beings are not fit to determine their own reproduction. [5] The Religious Right undermine attempts by women to control their own reproduction in the United States and abroad. Under Bush women who had children without being married were denied federal funding. Funding for abortion and family planning which can prevent unwanted pregnancies was also restricted under Bush, such programes were sometimes cut. Abstinence programs took the place of sex education that teaches about contraception increasing the numbers of pregnant girls. [6]

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