Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States.

He was part of the Republican Party at a time when Republicans were more like Abraham Lincoln and less Conservative than REpublicans are today. Like Lincoln, Roosevelt also left the Republican Party for his last Presidential bid. In Roosevelt's case, dirty tricks of conservative Republicans made it impossible to gain the Republican nomination despite having a majority of elected delegates supporting him. Roosevelt chose to refuse to be nominated in the 1912 convention, and instead formed the Progressive Party, commonly known as the Bull Moose Party. Roosevelt's ideas were more reformist, liberal and environmentalist (which makes him less of a conservative than modern Tea Partiers would like to admit).

Theodore Roosevelt was the one of the greatest president of the United States of America because he had many good policies that he introduced. Here are his policies.

  1. The first policy Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt) introduced was his conservationist (environmentalist) idea, he turned 1 million acres of forests and bushes into bird sanctuaries and natural parks, he has been very famous for that.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt's economic policy was also good for ordinary people and is the reason why America went into the progressive era. In America around the time of 1901 to 1906/1907 huge corporations or trusts dominated the American markets making it impossible for smaller businesses to compete in the market. The trusts acted as monopolies and usually controlled an entire industry. It meant that they could raise their prices to exploit consumers since there was no competition and they didn't have to care about the quality of products they made. The trusts treated their workers badly and gave them low wages. Theodore stepped in and split the trusts up into smaller businesses. He allowed smaller businesses to compete and he took away power from huge corporations. He was known as the trust buster.
  3. Theodore Roosevelt also brought other changes as well to the people.
    1. He raised the minimum wage and reduced the working hours.
    2. He carried out the food and drug act banning misleading products and brought in a law that was meant to protect consumer rights while giving better quality for products. Just by doing all of that Theodore Roosevelt became one of the greatest presidents of America of all time

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