Theodore Sturgeon was a prominent science fiction author, whose particular style of writing has been called 'Humanist' by many of his peers.

Various works Edit

Sturgeon's works have been collected in a series of anthologies, such as 'A Saucer of Loneliness', 'The Nail and the Oracle', and 'And Now, the News'. Some of his more memorable stories are:

And Now, the News-- A story about a man who reads the news, which soon turns him into an obsessed man, with every story dragging him farther down. At the end of the story, the man states 'damn human foolishness diminishes me...and so, i'm going to diminish it right back.' The ending to the story has him 'Diminishing mankind back', by cutting down people until he is stopped.

A Saucer of Loneliness--A story for anyone who finds themselves alone in the world, with the message that none of us are truly alone.

Amok Time-- Spock has gone nuts! One of the two Star Trek screenplays done by Sturgeon.

More than Human-- Mutants who can blend their powers together, and soon blend their minds. One of his definitive novels, as well as an obvious predecessor to Spider Robinson's StarDancer Series.

Some Of Your Blood-- A truely creepy vampire story, now practically impossible to find.

Adapted from a deleted RationalWiki article

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