Third Positionism is a political movement that is no different from Fascism. Fascism promotes aggressive Nationalism, as well as Jingoism, along with racism, patriachy and homophobia. On top of these things Fascism promotes, Third positionism also mixes these views with leftist issues such as environmentalism, socialism and sometimes feminism, but most importantly, they are anti-capitalist, which is similar to communism.

Examples of things that are Third Position

Nazism or National Socialism


Neo-Nazis, not those white nationalists from Stormfront, although Stormfront has many Neo-Nazis in it

National Anarchism

National Bolshevikism

American Freedom Party

It's association with leftist issues made it easy for Conservapedia to associate Nazism with Liberalism. David Duke and the KKK is also labeled under 'Liberal' in categories.[{{{1}}}][2]



Look at the categories.

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